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IPoR is a medium-sized enterprise. Although it may seem fairly small compared to other international companies, we are a family business of two generations with a guaranteed succession. This leads to continuity and stability for our customers as well as many years of experience.

IPoR (Innovativer Poolbau Ritzberger) has been working in this field since 1992. We deliver individual solutions with an exclusive design, but our strengths also include cost- and time-efficient delivery and set-up of our products.

Our own production centre in Austria allows us to customise our products to the special local needs and wishes of our customers. The high quality of the products and our long-term experience ensure a quick and easy set-up. This leads to fast and proper constructions while all surroundings can be restored easily. Because we have our own production, we can guarantee leakproof pools for 20 years. Should a problem arise, we work with local specialists (who already assisted us during set-up) to reach a solution fast.

Our product portfolio includes swimming pools with an exclusive design made from high-quality refined plastics. Whether you are interested in a pool with an overflow gutter or a pool with a skimmer, automatic water preparation with saltwater (or special salt for seawater), pool covers or heating systems – we would be happy to talk to you about available options.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9-12 a.m. or  14-17 p.m.
Friday:              9-12 a.m.


This is for mid of October 2014 till the end of March 2015.